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Adress: Visorių g. 33, Vilnius, Lietuva
Company code: 122049143

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Company Code: 122049143
VAT code: LT220491413

Alvora Resort

Just 65 km from Vilnius, in the middle of the scenic Aukštadvaris regional
park, on the banks of a beautiful lake you will find the Vilkokšnis resort.
Cozy two-story wooden cabins are designed for your perfect downtime.
Each can accommodate from 14 to 16 guests. There are sauna and sports
– football, basketball, tennis – facilities. You can also rent a boat and go
fishing. The resort is open throughout the year.

For booking and more information:

Tel.: +370 (5) 284 24 69
Mobile: +370 686 64050
Jankovicų k., Gendavės sen., Trakų r.